Our Mission

We believe people with IDD become active participants of their community when they have an opportunity to realize their potential. This also results in the community as a whole growing into something beautiful. Our mission is to help those with I/DD become active, important citizens.

Our Team

We’re led by a team of compassionate people with real-world business experience and acumen.

John, Jill & Emma Watson

As the parents of five adult children, with their youngest, Emma, 21 years old and living with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), John and Jill Watson thought, “how can these young adults become a productive part of the community?” They also knew that most parents of individuals with IDD are striving just to cope and struggle to help their child progress through the various stages of life. John, Jill, along with their children, started brainstorming and Bloom Community was born.

John, the President of Bloom Community, left the mortgage industry after 32 successful years, to start the 501c3 nonprofit. Bloom Community to help people with IDD become valued participants in the communities where they live by helping development employment opportunities for people with IDD, health education, as well as an indoor cycle program to promote fitness for this group.

Kevin Murphy
Founding Board Member

I believe that Bloom’s focus on combining the talent possessed by the IDD community with opportunities to be valuable to the business community is the perfect picture of turning potential into purpose. Every time I have witnessed these partnerships develop, every stakeholder has emerged better personally and professionally.

Our Values

  1. Initiatives must fulfill a meaningful need for people with IDD and the community at large.
  2. Programs must be scalable and sustainable.
  3. Focus on what people can do, their strengths, and how those strengths can be used and contribute to the community at large.
  4. Be humble.
  5. Be brave enough to make big commitments and possess the integrity to fulfill those commitments.
  6. Everything we do must be great.  The population we serve deserves nothing less.
  7. Love and laugh… a lot!


About our logo:

The heart symbolizes the love and passion we have for people with IDD. The heart is on its side because we are asking the community to look at these people in a different way. People often assess them for what they cannot do. We help the community realize what they can do and the unique value they offer. The right side of the heart also is the shape of a “B.”

Our Partners

Our family of collaborative partners ensure our smart ways to grow.